Len is the quirky guy in the office with the dry sense of humor.  He is the quiet, unassuming friend that turns out to be a psycho killer.  He is the best friend who wears his heart on his sleeve and offers kind eyes and an “it will be okay” smile.  In real life Len is often all of these (minus the psycho killer part).  His goal is to breathe life into witty and unique characters and add something very memorable to a play, musical, or film.

While mostly appearing on stage, Len has more recently been acting in small independent films including Code Black and The Widow Man. Len is currently creating and outline and story board for a short film of his own.

Among other endeavors, Len served as an executive producer of Astoria Boulevard's debut album "This Is Astoria Boulevard", and the web series "This Just In..."

Len resides in Astoria, NY with his hilarious partner Robbie.  Outside of performing, he works in the advertising department at Playbill and binge watches “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.